Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2014 Opening Day

To celebrate Opening Day, which depending on which Opening Day you choose could have been a couple weeks ago. Here at the Crack I celebrate the official opening day which is when everybody gets to play so that was yesterday.  Anywho like I was saying to celebrate Opening Day lets open a jumbo pack of Topps Opening Day.  

I won't bore you with all the base cards.  They look just like regular Topps, but with the snazzy Opening Day logo.  There are also guys not featured in Series 1 in this set.  Here is Robinson Cano in a Mariners uniform, mmm, you can taste the photoshop.

Is it sad that I like all the inserts in Opening Day 100% more than the best insert from Series 1?  And unlike Topps flagship there is only one parallel card, not counting the printing plates.  The shiny blues! You get one per Jumbo pack.

Of course one of the favorite inserts is the Mascot set.  I got Screech.

I also pulled this great Kershaw Breaking Out card.  Looks a lot like the Donruss Break Out Pitcher set, but cooler.  These have those early nineties Fleer Provisions feel and yes I'll be putting together this insert set.

The last insert I got in this set was this Fired Up insert.  Again why can't Topps put something this great in it's flagship product. I'm going to piece together this set too.

 Not too shabby.  I didn't pull any of the Opening Day Stars, Superstar Celebrate, or Between Innings inserts from this pack, but I've opened a few more and gotten a couple of each. Here are some examples.

There are also relic and autos, although there are only a couple big names in the checklist.

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