Saturday, January 9, 2016

Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web 6 - Official Entries Post

It's go time!!  I'm enjoying the first game of the playoffs and figure I'd better get this official picks post up. I've also dug out the grand prize.  The winner will win this 1996 Limited Edition Tombstone Pizza Milkcap/Pog Quarterback Club set.  These were only available via a special mail in offer on specially marked Tombstone Pizzas back in 1996.  The pizzas also came with a single player pog.  These are a little harder to find and the only one I could find on ebay the seller is asking about $25 so not a bad prize.  Plus there are no duds in this set.  You should recognize just about everyone on here, Montana, Rice, Favre, Marino, Sanders, and more.  A really neat oddball Plus I just picked up a 4000 count box of NFL rookies from Don's earlier this week and have been putting all the cards into teams so the winner will also receive a stack of rookies from the box from their favorite team or what ever team they like. The door prize winner will also receive a nice stack of cards from their favorite team and maybe a few other goodies.

We had 31 entries this year.  Not the most entries of one of my contests, but a very respectable turn out.  Here are your official entries.  If you see something amiss let me know.  I'll be updating after playoff weekend is over.  Good luck everyone/

Nachos Grande - Steelers over Panthers, 62 points, 3 turnovers 
KO Rob - New England Patriots over the Arizona Cardinals, 51 points, 4 turnovers
JediJeff - Cardinals over Bengals, 38 points, 2 turnovers
Josh D. - Seahawks over Patriots, 49 points, 1 turnover.
Lonestarr - Arizona over New England, 64 points, 2 turnovers
RAZ - Cardinals over Broncos, 61 points, 3 turnovers, 1 crushed Denver fan.
Adam Kaningher - Broncos over Panthers, 41 points, 3 turnovers.
Corky - Seattle over Cincinnati, 35 points and 2 turnovers
AdamE - Steelers over Arizona, 44 points, 3 turnovers.
Matthew Scott - New England over Carolina 52 pts and 2 turnovers.
Richard Nebe Jr. -  Vikings over the Chiefs, 52 points, 4 turnovers
John Hazen - Cardinals over Bengals, 45 points, 1 turnover
Jupiterhill - Green Bay over Kansas City 45 points, 2 turnovers.
Spankee - Bengals over Cardinals, 53 points, 2 turnovers
irondequoit36 - seahawks over Broncos , 48 points , 3 turnovers
Robert - Kansas City over Arizona..57 points, 2 turnovers
Wilson - Carolina over New England, 60 points, 4 turnovers
Defgav - New England Patriots over Green Bay Packers, 44 points, 4 turnovers
Greg Zakwin - Denver over Carolina, 34 points, 2 turnovers.
Fuji - Seattle Seahawks over Pittsburgh Steelers, 62 points, and 3 turnovers
Admin - Kansas City over Arizona, 45 points and 4 turnovers.
GCA - Arizona over Denver, 34 points, and 2 turnovers
Dion's IP Autos only - Panthers over Patriots 55 points 3 Turnovers 
Shanepatrickwrites - cardinals over broncos, 43 points, 3 turnovers
Milwaukee Southpaw - Arizona over Kansas City, 46 points, 2 turnovers
Brad's Blog - Seahawks over Texans, 55 Points, 4 turnovers
Red Cardboard - seahawks over steelers, 63 points, 2 tos
Angus - Arizona over New England, 52 points, 3 turnovers
The Lost Collector - Patriots over Cardinals. 44 points. 3 TOs.
Jeff S- GREEN BAY PACKERS over Cincinnati Bengals 48pts 4 turnovers
Johngy - KC over AZ 49 points 3 turnovers


  1. Pogs?! Me from 1996 is so excited. And by extension, current me as well. Let's go Panthers.

    No one picked Houston or Washington to win, and no one picked Washington, Minnesota, or Seattle to lose.

    Everyone who picked Kansas City (3 people) to win picked Arizona to lose to them. Same for Carolina over New England (2) and Denver over Carolina (2 more)

  2. I knew I should have entered if only to have the only pick for my Homies Redskins to win. I'd love to see them win but it will probably be Carolina. It will probably be some stupid repeat game and someone like New England winning over the Pack.

  3. Great oddball set. There's always room in my collection for a few more POGs.