Friday, May 27, 2016

Hell must have frozen over - My one and probably only Brewers Topps Now card

It seems the only thing I blog about now is Topps Now cards and only about twice a month.  When looking over the Topps Now checklist there are a few things that can land you a card.  You could be a rookie named Trevor Story, you could throw a no-hitter, you could be a Yankee (just kidding the Yankees really don't have that many cards in the set).  If your a Brewer all you have to do is hit 3 home runs in a game and one of those has to be a game winning grand slam.  And guess what?  Aaron Hill did just that.  If you read my last post I pulled the trigger on Jake Arrieta's No Hitter card.  I figured there was no way the Brewers were going to featured this year.  I mean they had done a lot of the exact same things that other teams and players had gotten cards for and not gotten featured so I figured I'd like to have one Topps Now for the collection.  I ended up buying this Hill card because I said I would and in all likely hood this might be the Brewers only card of the set.  That being said this will also probably be the last time I buy a ten dollar card off of the Topps website.  If history has taught be anything it's that I should be able to pick up any other Brewers cards much much cheaper later.

Ahem.  So like usual the card took over 2 weeks to get to me.  I notice fellow Yountophile and Brewers collector Tony L. had gotten his Hill card much much sooner.  Of course he could probably just walk over to the Topps printing facility from his home in Atlanta.

The first thing I noticed is how different the packaging was compared to my first card. My Arrieta card was shipping in an oversized envelope folded over, with the card stuffed into a smaller padded envelope and the card was in a card saver.

This time? Well lets have a look.
 Still a fairly large envelope, but not nearly as oversized as before.
 Instead of a padded envelope my card came wrapped in bubble wrap
And what's this?  In a penny sleeve and a top loader.  Seems Topps has taken care of my one big complaint from my last card.  Tony also commented on my Arrieta card that this is exactly how his Hill card was shipped as well.  Will this card hold it's value.  Not a chance.  I will say I was surprised the print run, 246, was higher than I thought it was going to be.  I think Tony summed up Hill's Brewer career pretty well you can read it on his blog if you want to.  I won't rehash it.

Overall I like the Topps Now concept, especially how the concept can highlight rookie and release rookie cards almost over night. Still don't like the price.

Too bad Topps doesn't have an NFL license anymore because I think with a little tweeking this concept would have worked great with all the great football highlights that happen from week to week.


  1. Yeah.. I didn't get the lone Jays card thus far.. I couldn't justify spending $14 (exchange) on a card when I didn't have food lol

  2. I don't know if there is a proliferation of walk-offs this season or I'm just noticing because of Topps Now but there's seems to be a walkoff card every other day.

    I've been buying the Cubs cards in bulk, usually the 10/$50 deal. I set some aside for the other Cubs bloggers and plan on trying to flip a few to at least recoup part of the money. Maybe the Brewers collectors can do the same?

  3. I think hell would freeze over, thaw, and freeze over again before a Brewer gets on one of these again.

    Or, for Ryan Braun it will take consecutive 4-grand slam HR games.

    But, please, don't see any irony or inconsistency in singing the praises of other steroid users like Bartolo Colon and David Ortiz (whose stats make me believe he is using again and saying f**k it because it's his last year).

  4. If Hell froze over to get you a Brewers Topps Now card, what has to happen for a Braves player to get a card?!?!