Sunday, November 20, 2016

TTM Success Adam Lind

I was surprised in my mailbox last Tuesday to see one of my TTM return envelopes. I was surprised because I haven't sent any requests out since Spring Training.  But luckily for me Mr. Lind signed his 2016 Topps card for me.  I sent the two cards above to him.  Adam only signed the one, which is fine.  I would have loved to had both signed as I can add the Topps card to my Brewers TTM project, but I love the way the Allen and Ginter cards looked autographed.

My TTM notes are packed away in storage so I'm not sure when or where I sent these cards.  I'm pretty sure it was in March and I'm also pretty sure I sent these to the Mariner's Spring Training address since Adam had been traded to the Mariner's in December 2015.

The cards were wrapped in a piece of stationary from the French Lick Springs Hotel, which oddly enough I've been too.  And it's not too surprising since Adam is from Indiana. I can't find the envelope anymore, but I do believe it was postmarked from Indianaopolis.

Thanks Mr. Lind.  Good luck next season.

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  1. Cool.. I have an IP auto from him when he was still with the Jays.. He was part of the group that came up to Peterborough for a Jays Winter tour.. Lind, Gose, Thole, and Delabar.