Sunday, February 4, 2018

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - 8th Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web Wraps up!

What a great Super Bowl.  I love when the game is close and I have no horse in the race.  They said it was going to be a shoot out, but man that was a pretty crazy game with a few questionable calls, but over all I really enjoyed it.  In the end we had 15 players who were still in it, we had 3 players pick the correct match up, but in the end we had only one player who pick the Eagles to beat the Patriots, so no need for the tie breakers, but the correct prediction would have been:

Eagles over the Patriots, 74 total points!!, 5 Field Goals

jasongerman9 - Patriots over Eagles, 59 points, one field goal.

night owl - Patriots beat Saints. 56 points. 2 field goals.

Matt Stupienski - Patriots over Vikings, 58 pts, 4 FG

The Angels In Order - Patriots over the Rams, 53 points, 4 FG.

Mark Hoyle - Pats over Saints. 65 points 5fg

Swing And A Pop-up - Patriots over Rams. 61 Points, 4 FG.

Vrooomed - Eagles over Patriots - 45 points, 4 FGs.

Eric C - Pats over Eagles - 51 pts - 4 fgs [AnalogKid @ TCDB]

Sport Card Collectors- Pats  over Vikings 52 points 5 fg

Fuji - Patriots over Vikings, 64 points, 5 FG.

GCA - Patriots over Saints, 32 points, 3 FGs, PIMP

Jafronius - Patriots over Vikings, 44 points, 2 FGs

Trevor P - Patriots over Saints. 69 points. 2 FG.

arpsmith - Eagles over Steelers, 55 points, 3 FGs

Red Cardboard - Patriots over Saints, 49 points, 0 field goals

Congrats to Vrooomed, who interestingly enough is the second person from the Trading Card Database community to win one of my contests.  And he also happens to be an Eagles fan.

Now onto the door prize... I entered all the entries into and randomized the list 3 times, if you promoted my contest you got an extra entry into the door prize drawing.  And the winner is..

Adam K who writes the great blog Infield Fly Rule!  Wins a nice stack of shiny cheerleadere cards.

I'll be contacting both of our winners shortly.

I want to thank everybody who played.  I may not post much, but it's nice to see we had great participation.

And you know baseball is just around the corner.


  1. That was quite the game! Congrats to the real winner of the contest and thanks for the door prize.

  2. Ah, so close...all I missed were the AFC team, the NFC team, which conference's team would win, the number of points, and the number of field goals!

    Congrats to Vrooomed on some remarkable wishful thinking! B^)

  3. Congrats to the winner b thanks for the contest