Saturday, July 6, 2019

TTM Success Rick Waits 0r Finally Finishing the 80s

I had a very pleastant surprise in the mail box yesterday.  I got another TTM back and this one finally fills the last 80's spot in my Brewers TTM project.  Like Tom Tellmann who I featured earlier I sent Rick Waits his 84 and 85 Topps cards.  As you can see Rick has a bold and beautiful signature.  I decided that Rick's 84 card would take the year spot.  Now onto the finishing the 90's and 00's.

Date Sent: 6/10/19
Date Recieved: 7/5/19

Address Used:
PO Boz 1001
Palagonia, AZ 85624


  1. Nice autograph. Rick Waits was always a great guy to get autographs from after the games in Milwaukee. His "S" at the end of his name has gotten a lot bigger on the flourish though!!

  2. The angle he's at on the 1985 is so unique. It's always nice to see something different.

  3. Both are nice, but I agree the ‘84 Allows a better look at his signature in all of its grandeur.

  4. Awesome. I stumbled on to you a while back and bookmarked this because i liked what you did with the logos for binders/albums. I came back to it and see that you collect what i mostly do. I used to be very active on TCDB but paused for a few years but hope to get back in the trading game in 2020. When you submit to players TTM, which i haven't done since i was a kid, what do you offer as a gratuity?