Thursday, May 27, 2010

2010 Topps Chicle Baseball 2 Box Break

I went to a trade night at my favorite card shop last week and he had Chicle on sale for the event so I got 2 boxes. I do like the set and the art is great but I'm not a fan of all this short print non-sense.  I'm a set build dammit.
Anyways the boxs boast 2 autos and one relic per box. 
So in box one the first pack I open I get this.

It's a Whitey Ford Logo Man patch numbered to 50!  Pretty sweet.  This counted as one of my Autos though.

My Relic was

Joba Chamberlain, NC back numbered to 199
And my auto was

Tobi Stoner

My next box was interesting as well my Autos were of the same guy!!

Drew Stubbs.
But to Topps defense one was a NC back numbered to 199.  I think I remember someone else blogging about this happening to them too.
And my relic was.

It's Josh Hamilton NC back numbered to 199.

Plus I ended up buying a couple packs and pulled this..

A Josh Thole. 

Until next time.


  1. Any interest in trading one or both of those Stubbs autos?

  2. Very cool pulls. The Ford is so pretty.