Thursday, May 27, 2010

2010 Topps Jumbo Box Break

I was going to buy 2 jumbos but I gots some bills to pay so I just got one.
I got the 3 hits and one black parallel along with the 10 of each insert per pack and one red hot rookie redemption.
My first hit was right away and was this.

Sorry about the phots, still haven't set up the scanner yet.
It's a George Sisler bat card.  If it's a real bat it's almost 100 years old.  I said almost.

Next I got my manupatch 4th of July themed.  I really like the looks of these plus some of my favorite players have cards in this insert set. 

It's a Zach Duke patch.  I'm pissed the bottom two corners are touched and so is the middle of the bottom.

And my auto is...

Fausto Carmona.

Over all not to great.  Oh my rookie redemption was #5.  Which I already redeemed.  Who knows who it could be. I got super lucky last year and got a Beckham Auto RHR card so I'm hooked.
I redeemed 3 MCG cards and got 2 90's and one 1973.  I might just save them up and sell them.

Anyways I've got a two box Chicle break to post later and then I'm headed up to Fairbanks for a month and a half for work so I doubt you'll be hearing too much from me.  Keep up the good work people.

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  1. That Duke patch looks very cool. Are you gonna contact Topps about the damage?

    And a Sisler bat! That is really great.