Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fan Packin' Across the USA - Battle of the M's - Minnesota Twins vs the Seattle Mariners

Got two more fan pack in the mail a few days ago. Let's put them head to head and see what happens.
We'll start big this time.
First we have two press releases. One with the opening day roster and an announcement about the Hrbek statue.
There were also two 8.5 x 11 computer printed photos.  A team photo and an opening day photo from last year.  There was also a piece of cardboard with these so keep them from getting bent.  Very classy.
Of course what would a fan pack be with out a pocket schedule.....
and a couple stickers?

There were also three player postcards.  Each one has a thank you on the back from the player featured.

Not too shabby there Twins.  OK lets see what the Mariners have.  I have a soft spot for the Mariners. I spent 3 years as a kid north of Seattle and living up here in Alaska the local ESPN radio station plays all the Mariners games.

First we have a games sheet here's what the outside looks like.  A nice sunny day in Seattle at Safeco.
Here's whats inside the trifold. Baseball Sudoku!!!
A nice sheet of stickers.
And of course a pocket schedule.
And a bi fold sheet with Ichiro on the front and 3 player cards on the other side!

I'm going to have to call this one a draw.  The Twins had a few more things, but the Mariners really packed their little envelope full of goodness.  Both had stickers, player cards, pocket schedules and something else.
Our first tie of the season.

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