Monday, April 1, 2013

Breaking News!!!!!! Upper Deck and Panini to get MLB License.

I can't believe I just heard this over the interwebs.  In an unexpected and unpredicted move Major League Baseball has decided to grant both Upper Deck and Panini  full MLB licensing rights.  In a move I largely attribute to my masterfully crafted letter to the Commissioner of Baseball, both long time competitors of Topps will now be able to use logos and team names on all their products.

When asked for a quote Mark Sapir from Topps said that it was, "Not cool."

Representatives from Panini and Upper Deck both released almost identical press releases that amounted to a giant raspberry and na-nanny boo-boo while sticking their tongues out at Topps.

Both companies plan to release new sets as soon as the ink dries on the contracts.....

April Fool's you're still stuck with just Topps!!!


  1. The key to April Fool's jokes is to make them somewhat believable, like "The cheapest Topps product for the rest of the year will cost $100/box and include one single-color jersey as your hit." Which may or may not be an April Fool's day joke, come to think of it...