Saturday, April 6, 2013

TTM Success - Ray Searage

Well it's snowing like it's winter again up here.  Luckily I only have 2 days till I head south.  But the weather forcast for Chicago the day we fly in is for thunderstorms and Northern Wisconsin ain't much better.  Anywho, I was pleasently surprised to find one of my TTM return envelopes in my mailbox this afternoon.  With a return address from Pittsburgh.  I wasn't quite sure who it was from, as I hadn't sent anything to Pittsburgh this year.  And well that's because I got a return from one I sent last year.

Ray Searage played with the Brewers from 1984 to 1986 when we was traded to the White Sox.  Rays only Topps card in a Brewers uniform is his 1986.  He has a couple other cards from Fleer and Donruss, but I didn't have any of those lying around so I sent him his 1982 "rookie" card. Ray is currently the pitching coach for the Pirates.  Ray also holds the distinction of being the only Met with a 1.000 batting average and 100% winning percentage.  Look it up.

 Ray's got a great sig, I just wish he had had a fresher Sharpe.  This also took about a year to get back, not my longest turn around, but close.  Needless to say I had kinda written off Mr. Searage, but I'm glad to be able add his signature  to my autograph collection.  I also already have a couple autos on 1986 Topps cards, but it's good to have some back ups.

Thanks again Ray

TTM Stats
Date Sent 5/10/12
Date Recieved 4/6/13

Address used
c/o Pittsburgh Pirates

  • PNC Park
  • 115 Federal Street
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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