Tuesday, September 24, 2013

TTM Success Jerry Augustine

I had been seeing some great success from Jerry over at the Sport Card Forum and I've been wanting to get Jerry's auto for a while now.  Especially since he has a bunch of cards that would help fill some holes in my Brewers TTM Project and he's a damn quick signer.  I decided on his 1977 rookie card and his 1979 Topps both years I need an auto for.  I think Jerry's 1977 Topps card will take a permanent spot in the project and I'll replace the 1979 slot when I get another auto from that year.

Here are the TTM stats

Date Sent 9/16/13
Date Received 9/24/13
Address used
Jerry Augustine
2514 S 102nd St #190
Milwaukee, WI 53227

It's been awhile since I sent anything out or got anything back so I'm glad to add these two great autos to the collection.  Thanks Jerry!

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