Monday, September 23, 2013

3rd Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web - Teaser

That's right boys and girls. It's almost that time again.  And while I may have been gone all summer long, that doesn't mean I haven't been planning my annual World Series contest.  And I have no idea how many people are still reading blogs out there or better yet reading my blog, but we'll have a go.

Most of the divisions have been decided. A few of the wildcard spots are up for grabs still, but barring any one game playoffs for those spots I'm hoping by Sunday the 29th or before the playoff picture is set.

How will it work?  Same as always. Out of all the teams in the playoffs, I just want you to tell me who's going to win the World Series. Simple as that.  However since inevitably more than one person will pick the winning team, although not always, we have to have some tie breakers.  So I also want to tell me who the losing opponent will be, the number of games in the series and number of home runs hit total, that means by both teams, in the series. But more on that later.

What will you win? Well I have a few things to give away.  But first thing is this...
A sealed 1994 Pinnacle The Naturals box set.  These cards are pretty sweet with Pinnacle Dufex technology.  And all your favorite stars from 1994 are in here.

I ended up picking up one of these for myself, mainly for the Frank Thomas card and I've already sent a bunch of the cards out in trade packages, but I managed to find another one I've been keeping just for this contest.  I also have other things to add to the prize pile, more on that later on the sign up post.  There will also be a door prize again just for signing up and you can get an extra entry into that one for a contest pimp.

So with that said mark your calendar and stay tuned for the official sign up post.

cb out

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  1. "the naturals" is an interesting name for a group of athletes with known steroid users amongst them.