Sunday, January 12, 2014

Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web IV- Divisional Playoff Pick off

I have to say that I didn't see any upsets this weekend. I would have liked to see Caroline pull out the win, but to be honest the final 4 aren't all that surprising. Hence why we lost 9 this round, but still have 20 people still in the running. And we have at least one pick for all four teams so there will be a winning with the right team, and there are still quite a few teams that could have the right opponent as well, which has never happned.

Alright guys and gals have a great week I won't bother you with another contest update till after the Conference Championship games are done.  I might bother you with other stuff.

Here are the picks that made it to this round. If your pick is in red you're out.

Corky - Seattle Seahawks over New England Patriots, 40 total points and 2 turnovers. PIMP

Cards from the Quarry -Seattle over Indianapolis, 48 points, 4 turnovers

Play at the Plate - Denver over Seattle, 52 points, 3 turnovers. PIMP

ChavezRavining - Indy over Seattle 38 points 3 turnovers.

CaptKirk42 - Carolina over Cincinnati, 46 points, 3 turnovers.

John Hazen - Seattle over New England 36 points, 2 turnovers

AdamE - Denver over Seattle 63 Points 4 turnovers

Wilson - Seattle over Denver, 50 points, 4 Turnovers PIMP - New England over Seattle, 63 points, 3 Turnovers  PIMP

Chris - Denver over Carolina, 49 points, 5 turnovers

Robert - Denver over San Francisco. 44 points and 2 turnovers.

arpsmith - 49ers over Denver, 55 points and 4 turnovers

Greg Zakwin - Denver over Packers, 63 points, 2 turnovers  PIMP

gcrl - Denver over Carolina 53 points 4 turnovers

The Big Kahuna - Denver BRONCOS over Da Seattle Seahawks 57 points 5 turnovers

defgav - San Diego over Seattle, 33 points, 4 turnovers

Fuji - Carolina over the Broncos, 42 points, 4 turnovers

Nathan Bell - Denver over San Francisco. 54 Points, 2 TO's

Dion's IP Autos Only - Denver over 49ers 65 points 3 turnovers PIMP

Skroeker - Carolina Panthers over New England Patriots, 55 total points, 3 turnovers.

Nachos Grande - Broncos over Seahawks - 57 points, 3 turnovers.

Dave H - San Fran over Denver 62 points and 4 turnovers

Andy - Denver over Green Bay - 75 points, 2 turnovers

Need More Cardboard - Panthers over Broncos, 48 points, 5 turnovers PIMP

Justin - Broncos over Panthers, 35 points, 2 turnovers

Spankee -Broncos over Packers. 52 points. 1 turnover.

Superduperman99 - Colts over Panthers. 37 points. 3 turnovers.

Colbey -Panthers over the Broncos, 48 points, 2 turnovers.

jacobmrley- Saints over Patriots 47 and 2.

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  1. I'll officially spend Super Bowl sunday at Target spending a couple gift cards. Thanks, Chargers. No longer give a shit about football for another year. San Diego's lifetime drought without a major sports championship lives for yet another year.