Friday, March 28, 2014

Scooter Gennett - First Spring Training TTM Success

I ended sending out 8 TTM's to the Brewers Spring Training facility in Maryvale, Arizona a few weeks ago.  A little late for Spring Training, but with the baby coming it was as soon as I could get some out.  I just got my first one back and it's one I'm really glad to get. Scooter is probably one of my favorite younger Brewers. Along with Logan Schafer and Khris Davis they were the bright spot in a pretty dismal season last year.  I got to meet Scooter back in 2012 at Spring Training and he was nice enough to sign a ball for me too.  And I was super excited to see Topps finally gave him his own flagship card in Series 1 and even more excited that he made the 25 man roster.  And to top that off Scooter is great about signing and since he's the first to get a card back to me I'm going to give him the spots on my Brewers TTM spot for 2014.  

Here are the stats
Date Sent 3/19/14
Date Recieved 3/28/14

Address Used
Maryvale Park 
3600 N 51st Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85031


  1. Darn, another guy I should've sent a request out to :(.

    1. I bet if you sent a request to Miller Park he'd sign it.