Monday, March 17, 2014

The year of the Return Ofs....Topps announces the Return of Topps Tek

Sorry I've been MIA, had to have a baby.  Anyways the Industry Summit is going on and Sooz posted this interesting tidbit over at  Beckett News.

Topps also announced a little more about Topps Stadium Club and the new Topps Dynasty.  All of which will be higher end products.  Last year Topps asked collectors to give feedback on what we wanted, what could be improved on, etc, etc.  I can't remember if it was on Facebook or Twitter, but I ended up putting in a few suggestions. One was the return of Stadium Club. I also suggested bring back Tek. But I did say that Tek would work great as an insert, like the Strata cards in Series 1 this year. And I thought that maybe the clear parallels in Series 1 might be the precursor for this. I also suggested that they bring back the old subsets like Future Stars and Turn Back the Clock.  To be fair I wasn't the only one who voiced these ideas, but it makes me wonder if Topps is actually paying attention to us.

I'm a little dismayed at the growing trend of Topps to price out the average collector with all these high end releases.  If Topps really cared about getting new blood into the hobby I would think they would also care about keeping the collectors they already have.  Regardless, I won't be opening any of the expensive wax and I'll wait to pick up what I want on the secondary market.



  1. Was just in Chris Nachos Grande's group break that busted a box of Tek. I like it for the most part, but there were too many background variations and many of them were silly looking. I liked the 3 or 4 that were just of the team logo or cap logo the hometowns, and the average and some of the other variants were too silly and ugly. The inserts were pretty nice. I had the Orioles in the break, I really should have grabbed The Expos as well (since it was a pre 2005 product the Nationals were incognito as the Expos back then), but I dilly-dally'd too long and someone grabbed them.

    The original version, I only learned about/saw in recent years (I was in a collecting hiatus in the late 90s early '00s). The very first time I saw it I hated it. Must have been one of the silly variants I had seen for a first example. I will wait until this product has been out a while before attempting to get anything. I'll wait until I can "pick and choose" rather than doing blind box breaks/pack pulls.

  2. Tek came along when I wasn't collecting or paying much attention to baseball, so I don't have any feeling about its revival.

    I would have liked to see Stadium Club come back as a full set in the mid-1990s style, but I'm not interested in another attempt that will probably be like the 2008 disaster.

  3. Not sure how are why they would make Tek a highend product. I remember I liked them in an effort to collect all of the different patterns of a specific player. Who's going to do that with a high end product? I was happy to hear it was coming back. But now I'm not that happy.