Monday, June 16, 2014

TTM Success - Jimmy Nelson

Just got back my other TTM I sent out before I left.  The Brewers #1 prospect Jimmy Nelson.  Jimmy got called up last year and pitched in 4 games for a total of 10 innings, but made his big league start earlier this year. He got called up for his first start on May 25th replacing an injured Yovani Gallardo.  And he won.  
He's currently on the inactive roster and back down in Nashville playing with the Sounds.
A great signature and quick return.

TTM Stats
Date Sent: 6/2/2014
Date Received: 6/16/14
Address used:
Nashville Sounds
534 Chestnut St
Nashville, TN 37203

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  1. That's a great get, CB. I may need to send Nelson a card before he gets called up to replace Marco Estrada in the rotation.