Saturday, September 6, 2014

2014 Topps Football review as seen through a relic card guaranteed hanger box

That's new.
Had to stop into Wally world to pick some stuff up and noticed an odd looking hanger box on the hook.  A hanger box with a guaranteed hit! For only 5 dollars more! Gotta be worth it right?  Well we'll see.

Topps Football is one of the three sets I'm putting together this year, along with Topps Baseball, including the update series, and Allen and Ginter.

If you're buying retail and looking to put a set together the hanger boxes really are your best bang for you buck.  If your looking for more inserts I'd say the rack packs are the way to go.  A hobby jumbo pack is running about $13 in my neck of the woods so paying $10 for 72 cards is a better deal than $13 for 50.  But I digress....

I know that this year's Flagship set has been pretty well dissected already, but why not cut it up a little more?

I've seen a lot of hate for this year's design. I'll agree it's pretty busy, looks more like a Bowman design, but it could be worse. After sorting through my pack this is by far the best card I've seen in the set.  You can argue, but you would be wrong. Just an awesome photo and like usual the photography is great throughout the set.

There are a ton of inserts that hasn't changed.  What has changed is that Topps added 3 completely useless, pointless, and uncollectible inserts this year.  OK maybe that's a little rough, but really...
Do we really need these cards?  What really pisses me off is that these inset count toward my card total in a pack. Don't get me wrong I think the Play 60 program is a good thing, but these cards are not.
These Play 60 Mentor cards have a little more collectability.
I have no words.
OK rant over let's get back to football.
I'm glad to see the 1000 Yard Club and 4000 Yard Club inserts are back. They look much better than last year.  I still think these would look great if Topps did something special with them. Chrome, acetate, something.

 This years mini's are in the 1969 design.  I'm not sure why the numbering starts at 200 though.

Topps also has two inserts Fantasy Football themed.  I wonder why two?
But these Fantasy Strategies cards look good.  As a matter of fact if you take away the background and put the field back there this wouldn't have been a bad base design.

 And the Fantasy Focus insert.

 Topps is continuing it's Power Player promotion. I have no idea what this is about since Alaska is void from participating.

 My favorite insert this year are the Greatness Unleashed cards.  I'll be putting the set together along with the mini's.
 I'm not a big fan of Topps labeling the cards instead of numbering.
 Now I know you're all eager to see the relic I pulled..

 Um..well not the most exciting rookie, but at least Marqise made the team.

Over all it's pretty par for the course for flagship football. True to formula. I'd probably have a few more nice things to say about it if there weren't 3 inserts that leave a bad taste in my mouth.

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