Monday, June 15, 2015

2015 Topps Baseball Series 2

I got my grubby little hands on a few retail jumbo packs on my recent run to the grocery store.  I grabbed two packs and featured one of them over at A Pack to Be Named Later, but I figure I'd feature everything from both here.  I won't bore you with the base cards.  You get 4 or 5 inserts and/or parallels per pack so I came out with about 60 base cards and no doubles.

 I did get a couple cards from my team.  It doesn't come though from the scan, but this Lohse card is a foil parallel.  The only noticeable difference from Series 1 is that is says Series Two over the card number on the back.
 Since this isn't suppose to be released yet we'll have to wait to see what inane variations Topps has come up with this round, but if you look close at the bottom of Kyles card you'll see the last  3 digits in the code # are 764.  All my base cards have that same code number so if it holds true all the variations will have a different number.

Here are the continuing inserts.

These 1st Home Run inserts are a carry over as well and again retail only.  I pulled one from each pack.

Topps does have some new inserts for this set.  First up is Stepping Out.

 and 'Til It's Over.

 I like the idea of both of these inserts, but I'm not wild about the design.  And like just about every insert this year they all have relic, autograph, and relic autograph versions, although not for every subject.

The last two inserts I do kind of like.  Hot Streak with it's Mission Impossible burning fuse.

 And Heart of the Order with it's use of baseball bats and wood grain.  Both kind of remind me of those great inserts from days gone by and of course seeing Jose in he's A's uniform helps with the Throwback Thursday feel.

I did get one decent "hit" if you want to call it that.  A pink parallel.  I'm up on my Orioles, is Flaherty any good?

Well there you go 72 cards worth of fun.  I'll be slowly piecing this set together so save your extras for me.

cb out.


  1. Oh, I must have a Jon Hamm card. Mad Men rules.

  2. "I won't bore you with the base cards. "

    Your the modern equivalent of the kid who would chew the gum and toss the cards.

    1. LOL not at all. I just figured you guys couldn't be bothered with mere base cards.

    2. Topps Series 1&2 born this year and last, are worth very little.

      They are stingy with autos, relics, and#d cards.

      GYPSY QUEEN I have got some nice autos,game used memorabilia,etc..

      NOW Bowman Chrome & Platinum is this gold standard.
      Camo Refractor, 1/5, etc..