Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Thrifting Anchorage Part 1

I live relatively close to a Value Village thrift store.  It's convenient when I want to get rid of stuff, but from time to time I also find some great deals.  I try to stop in at least once a month.  My main goal is to try and find cheap Lego pieces.  I'm building a hoard for my son to play with when he's old enough.  

It's kind of laughable sometimes what stuff gets priced at at the store.  Sometimes I find stuff that I can't believe is priced so low and other times I wonder if the pricer was on crack because it's so high.  Recently I've noticed that they've been putting out two to three packs of comics.  Usually I don't bother because they're over priced and usually in terrible shape, but I noticed that most of the books were bagged and boarded and were priced at 98 cents per comic, so two packs were $1.99.  Most of the stuff didn't interest me as I've shifted away from comic books, but there were a few packs that had promise. And then I notice a pack that had the first two issues of The Shaolin Cowboy from Burlyman Comics.  I'd actually picked up most of the run of this series back when it came out in the mid 2000's, but had missed issue 2.  I'm a big fan of Geof Darrow's detailed art and story telling. 

I also thought I remembered that these were worth few bucks.  So I got on my phone and surfed over to and looked up the issues and yep they were worth a couple bucks. More precisely they were worth $55 bucks combined!  

Anybody else had luck at the thrift store?

I've been finding all sorts of good stuff and since I haven't had a whole lot to blog about will most likely making this a reoccurring theme in the coming months.

cb out

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