Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My new favorite card of 2015

Oh hello there.  I know I've been pretty quiet here.  I have lots I can blame it on.  Family, job, summer in Alaska, my general ennui for blogging in general, the boring cardscape of exclusivity.  But in the end I just really haven't felt like blogging.  I mean I could always find something to blog about.  Anyways I've bought a couple packs of this years Stadium Club.  I'm glad Topps brought the set back down to the masses.  You can find Stadium Club in retail stores and hobby shops this year, They've increased the set size to 300 cards and also increased card thickness and overall it's a great looking set, but some photo choice are much better than others.  The per card price is a little high so completing this set would be expensive and/or a decent challange and it doesn't look like any of the base cards are short printed.

  I was a little disappointed Robin Yount wasn't featured in this year's set, but I'm glad to see they chose to put The Ignitor in a Brewers uniform instead.  And so far this is my favorite card this year.  Just a great photo. It fits the card perfectly, shows Molitor stealing, what I'm going to assume is 2nd base.  Dust clouds billowing from the slide, Paul's head up and looking at where the throw was, batting helmet slightly askew.  Just a great all around card.

The back of the card gives us a second Molitor photo to marvel at.  Looks like Topps picked Paul in posed pirate batting stance.

Anyone else have a favorite card so far this year?

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