Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello Greg

I've been trying to get Greg Vaughn to sign for me through the mail for a few years now.  I've never had any success and was happy to see that he had a relatively high numbered autograph in this years Tier One.  Considering Robin Yount's auto in the set is numbered to only 50 this might as well be a 1987 Topps card.  I'm also quite certain the person who pulled this was very disappointed especially after what I snagged this for off of eBay.  Greg also had an autograph card in last year's Archives, but I'm glad I waited and picked this one up.  These Acclaimed Autograph cards were made for that signature.  A beautiful on card auto from the Brewers 1st round pick back in 1986.  I remember seeing Greg play for the El Paso Diablos back in I think 1988.  I also remember he was the reason I over paid for my 1989 Fleer team set.


  1. Nice! The Greg Vaughn trade is still the most excited I've ever been for a deadline trade in my life. I remember going to the card shop and my brother and I busting packs of Score Select, and he pulled a Greg Vaughn card, and then on the way home, I heard that he had been traded to San Diego. My brother wasn't paying attention, so I traded for it right away. Still one of my all time favorite cards, for that reason alone. He was great on the '98 NL Pennant team, still holds the Padres single season HR record.

    1. Funny -- I went to my one and only game at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh about a week after that trade got made and saw Vaughn go yard against Pittsburgh for the Padres. Good times.