Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Another trade with Nachos Grande

I tried to get this post off yesterday just so I would have at least one last month.  That didn't happen.  I've been really feeling the blogger blues.  It's not that I don't have stuff I could blog about I just don't seem to have the time or the energy anymore.  But just because I'm not writing doesn't mean I'm not reading.  

Chris over at Nachos Grande recently broke a case of 2015 Allen and Ginter. One of my dreams is to do a case break and it probably would be Ginter, but all I can really afford in 87 Topps.  Anyway, Chris spreads his break up over many many posts which is fun to watch the break unfold.  Along the way he pulled a 10th Anniversary Ryan  Braun (boo hiss I know) relic which to my surprise I was able to claim before Tony L. 

I had had some field work planned and didn't think I could get a trade worked out before this month, but Chris knowing that I'm good for it sent the card and some other goodies my way.  I was hoping to be able to send him some Ginter help, but I've only ripped a couple packs and to be honest I'm just not feeling it this year.  I'll probably just end up buying the complete set instead of piecing one together myself.

Along with the Braun card Chris also sent some nice padding and one of those 10th Anniversary stamped cards featuring the long gone Brewer Prince Fielder.

Thanks for the trade Chris I mailed your package last week so you should be seeing it show up soon.

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