Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Fall

Howdy.  Yep I'm still here, sort of.  I've been busy, work, family, house, etc, etc.  The last thing I've been wanting to do is blog.  I suppose that'll happen after 6 years or so.  Anyways Allen and Ginter has come out and other products as well, but A and G is one of my most looked forward too products that and Series 1 Topps Baseball.  I'll be honest as much as I was looking forward to Allen and Ginter I just can't get that into it this year. Mostly likely the lack of funds to put forth the effort.  In the end I'll probably just pick up the set from eBay eventually.  That doesn't mean I haven't broken a few packs and been checking the set out.

One card popped out at me when I saw it.  The history of the Berlin Wall and my own personal history intersect.  I'm an army brat and my father's last duty station was Berlin.  The Wall fell November 9, 1989 and I arrived in Berlin December 9, a month to the day of the fall.  I was in the city for that first New Year's Eve, which was crazy and I was in Germany for reunification in October of 1990.  As a matter of fact the apartment complex we lived in was only about a quarter of a mile from a section of the wall and I spent many afternoons chipping away at it. My father sent a large chunk to my grandmother who donated it to our hometown library.  I ended up spending about 3 years over in Berlin and graduated from the DoDD Berlin American High School.  And I have to say I have no idea what Berlin is like now, but it was a pretty awesome city back then and great time in my life.

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