Saturday, November 28, 2015

Black Friday My Way!!

 I had to take my son to the doctor on Friday.  It wasn't anything serious, but after we got out I decided to head on down to Don's Sportcards and say hi since I haven't been in a while and I wanted to see if there was anything good on the drop board.  I ended up splurging on a box of Prestige Football since it was a good deal and I got 4 packs of Panini's Black Friday.  I won't do a pack by pack just the base cards and the hits.

Each pack came with an advertisement for Panini's new digital football card app.  If it's anything like their basketball app I'll pass.  You also get one "base" card and one other card.  At least that's how my 4 packs worked out.  Let's take a look
First up Pujols and Trout.

 My other two base cards are part of the Panini Collection set, according to Cardboard Connection.
I really like the look of these cards.

Alright lets get to the meat!
This Kevin White and the Joc Pederson are what's called Thick Stock parallels and are numbered to 50. And they are very thick

 I didn't get any autos, but did manage a few relics.  This one of Jahlil is from the Happy Holidays set.

Cha-ching a keeper!!  Everything else is already up on Ebay.  Anyone get anything cool?

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  1. Whoa - Pederson is awesome! Let me know if he needs a home. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!