Monday, November 23, 2015

The Keepers

As a collector I have rules, general rules, but rules none the less, that govern my collection and collecting habits. But every so often a card or other collectible falls into my hands that doesn't really fit into my collection, but I keep it for various reasons.  This is one of those cards.......

I pulled this beautiful card out of pack way back in 2005.  I know I did because while I like Andre Dawson I don't collect Andre Dawson and I wouldn't have gone after this card.  That being said a lot of the cards in my Keeper collection come from 2005.  A time where I had a lot of disposable income and card companies were putting out great products like this.  Sorry for the blurry scan Mr.  Dawson is well encased in a screwdown holder.
 I usually think of Andre as a Cub. Mainly because when I started caring about baseball and baseball card that's who he played for.  But even if he's featured with his original team this is still a pretty kick ass card.  Sure it's a sticker auto and the relic is a plain white swatch, but I'm sure I squealed a little bit when I pulled this out of the pack.

Why I keep it.  Well I do like Andre Dawson and it's hard to let go of personally pulled autograph and relic of a great HOFer.  Plus Andre has a great signature and I think everyone should have an auto of the Hawk in their collection and it's also why he's on my Top 100 cards.

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  1. Funny to see you mention 2005. I agree. It did seem to be a great year for autographed cards in particular. My favorite set, UD's Signature Decades is from that year.