Thursday, March 31, 2016

Packers of Yore - Ingle Martin

I recently had my box over at COMC sent to me.  I've been doing challanges and making a few bucks in store credit here and there.  I've also been picking up cheap autographs.  And when I mean cheap I mean $2 or less.  Sure they aren't of superstars, but one of my collecting goals was to try and start picking up more certified autographs of Brewers players.  Along the way I ended up picking up this sweet 2006 Upper Deck Exquisite Rookie Autograph of former Packers Quarterback Ingle Martin.

Who's Ingle Martin?  Why he's the Packers 5th round pick from the 2006 draft and the guy sitting three rows back behind Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.  Ingle may have only made league rookie minimum with the Pack, but that was probably a sweet job.  Showing up to practice and getting to hang out with the kicking crew and hold footballs for kicker Dave Rayner.  You may scoff, but Ingle did get actually NFL playing time.  He got the last two snaps of the last game of the 2006 season.  The Packers routed the Bears who didn't bother to show up because they already had locked up the division with a 13-3 record.  The Packers beat the Bears that day 26-7 which is almost as bad as the Bears beat the Packers in the first game of the season beating them 26-0.  Ingle got to get on the field and kneel down twice, his official stats are -5 yards.  Ingle would go on to bounce around club's practice squads and even decided to try UFL, he officially retired in 2009.  But Ingle is still involved in football coaching the Christ Presbyterian Academy football team in Nashville and has a very impressive 67-6 record.  

So why did I pick up this card?  Well first off, Ingle is a part of Packer history.  Sure he's was a third string quarterback that didn't do anything in the NFL, but he still put on a Packer uniform every week in 2006.  Second I only paid $1.88 for this card and this is an on card autograph numbered to 60!  Sure he has a terrible autograph that looks like a lightning bolt, checkmark, and MX, but to be fair Ingle and rookies in general sign thousands and thousands of cards.  And of course I get to share Ingles' story.

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