Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Have you ever started something only to kind of regret it later?

This last weekend we got our first big snow fall.  I think overall it was lucky it happened during the weekend, but I hate going out onto the roads when the first significant winter event happens.  You would think that living in Alaska most of use would be good at driving in the snow, but alas that is not really the case, at least at the start of winter.  I consider myself a very good winter driver, but I'm not worried about me.  Anyway, so with a little over 3 inches falling Friday night into Saturday afternoon I decided to hunker down with the family and enjoy the snow in the back yard and not on the roads.  It also meant I got a good amount of time to cause trouble in my Sanctum Sanctorum.  More importantly organizing a collection that has been mothballed for the better part of 3 years. 

Last June the family and I upgraded to a much bigger house, over twice the size of our previous home.  Having that much space is awesome.  What is even more awesome is my wife gave me one of the spare bedrooms as my "office"/studio/man-cave.  I've posted about some of my efforts in the past.

When my in-laws were up here this summer my father-in-law helped me start another built-in bookcase for the man cave.  I'm huge on storage and I weighed the options on buying prefab bookcases verses building my own and in the end I opted to try and build my own custom shelves.

 I consider myself pretty handy and with Youtube and all the home improvement shows I've watched and all the handyman websites out there I put together a pretty well thought out design.  I couldn't find the plans I had drawn up to post here, but they were pretty detailed.  I did manage to snap a few photos as I went along.  Here is the base of the bookcase.  It's 8 feetish long.
 While my father-in-law was here I managed to stain and polyurethane the frame.
 I picked up a router from a garage sale a few year back and I love any reason to bring it out.
 So the project stalled for about 2 1/2 months with work taking me all over the state, but this fall I managed to get the rest of the pieces cut and put in place.  My plan now is to disassemble the unit this spring and stain and polyurethane the rest of it.
So fast forward to this weekend and I'm waist deep in organizing my comic collection.  My wife is very tolerant.  But even she has her limits and one of the rules she laid down was the craziness had to be contained in this room.  And I'm trying.  Sad, or maybe not so sad, that this in only about half my collection. I still have a ton of stuff sitting in my parents basement in Wisconsin.  So this weekend I buckled down, put on my best superhero pajamas and got to work.  I've been making make-shift dividers out of manila file folders, you can read my tutorial on that at my comic blog here, to try and get all the series together, then hopefully I'll be able to put those in some sort of order.  
 I've literally spread out over the entire room, but kept it mostly contained.
Some of my bigger runs like the Punisher, Iron Man, JLA, and X-men all get their own dedicated boxes. I think I'm only about halfway done, maybe.  I'll do a better post later of the room once I get it better organize a little more presentable.  I also have a major card organization to work on.  That includes my Brewer's team collection and just set's in general.


  1. Wow - that's a lot of work already completed! It's going to look great finished! I spy at least two full boxes of Yount!

  2. That is coming along really nicely! As for your titular question, yes, I sometimes regret even starting one of my hobbies. Not cards though!

  3. About half the projects I start I end up regretting! That bookshelf looks really great, it's amazing what can be done with a little help from the interwebs.

    P.S. I really dig those curtains.

  4. Love the Marvel curtains! Super jealous. I wish I would have paid more attention in wood shop and to my father growing up, so I could build cool custom shelves.