Monday, November 13, 2017

Insert snappy trade post pun here..

Well to be honest this wasn't a trade. Or was it?  Who can keep track of these things.  Regardless no good deed will go unpunished.  Ahem. I'm rambling, and not very coherently either.  Troubling.  So I've been fairly absent on the blogging scene.  I know it.  But there is a man who still manages to put out pretty top notch content on almost a daily basis. Of course I'm talking about Fuji over at the Chronicles of Fuji.  His flea market finds are still my favorite.  It reminds me of my youth when my father was stationed at Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Texas and I use to go to the different flea markets around town.  Sadly there are no flea markets up here in Alaska. 

So while I have been absent, save for my contests and the rare post about trades, Fuji has been hard at work shaping young minds and finding cool stuff and blogging about it.  Rewind to a couple weeks ago and Fuji contact me for my new address.  And last week I was rewarded with a nice pair of Brewers autographs.  

Kodi is still bouncing around the Brewers farm system.  Will he come up?  Will he be traded? I guess time will tell.  The other auto was of the former and now retired Brewer Corey Hart.  Corey was one of the semi-stars on the team eclipsed by  Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder unfortunately, and of course injury.  When Corey was healthy he was a force to be reckoned with.  Plus he's freaking tall.  Sadly Corey was injured  a lot, or at least that's how I remember it.  I was kind of bummed I didn't at least get to see him at the 2012 Spring Training games I got to go to on my honeymoon.  He ended up having to have surgery and missed the whole 2013 season.  After that he spent a year in Seattle and then a year in Pittsburgh and I don't feel too bad, he made some good money those two years.  He retired after the 2015 season, but officially retired this year as a Brewer.  

Two very nice autographs to add to my Brewers Collection.  Thanks Fuji!!


  1. Lol. Not a trade package. I avoid trades like the plague. Sad to hear there aren't any flea markets in Alaska. I guess I'll cross that staff off the potential retirement destinations.

  2. So that’s what happened to Hart....