Saturday, October 20, 2018

8th Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web - Championship Series Review

Well now.  I'm a bit disappointed.  But I it's been a great season as a Brewers fan.  Just wish they could have pulled one more out.  Anyways the Series is set.  We lost another 16 players.  We had 15 players correctly predict that either the Red Sox or the Dodgers will be winning the World Series.  And we have 4 players that correctly picked the match up!!! Nicely done guys.  Looks like the Red Sox are the odds on favorite with the group and if they win will have a 3 way tie going to games and maybe even homers to break the tie.  If the Dodgers pull it out bbcarz takes home the prize all by themselves.  Alright I'll have a summary after the series and the door prize winner.  Thanks for playing everybody.

Matt - Red Sox over Dodgers, 6 games, 17 HR - PIMP

Robert - Boston over Chicago in 6, 12 HR

Fuji - Astros over the Dodgers in 6, 20 HR's

RAZ - Astros over Braves in 6 games with 14 home runs total.

night owl - Astros beat Cubs in 6. 16 HRs.

ketchupman36 - Red Sox over Brewers in 6, 20 HRs

Jeff - Astros over Dodgers in 7, 15 HRs

JediJeff - BoSox over Brew Crew in 5 games, 11 ding dong dillies.

CaptKirk42 - Red Sox over Rockies in 5 games, 20 Homer Simpsons.

Sport Card Collectors - Red Sox over Dodgers. 6 games and 18 homers

Nachos Grande - Astros over Dodgers, again. 6 games. 18 home runs

John Sharp - Astros over Brewers in 6 games. 19 HRs.

Scribbled Ink - Astros over Brewers in 5 games, 8 Homers -  PIMP

Sportzcommish - Astros over Brewers in 5 with 17 homers.

shanepatrickwrites- brew crew over boston in six, 16 homers, three by yelich

defgav - Brewers over Astros in 7, 12 dingers

The Angels In Order - Red Sox over Dodgers in 4, 5 HR.

jasongerman9 - Red Sox over Brewers, 7 games, 19 home runs. PIMP

Jafronius - Red Sox sweep the Brewers (4). 7 Homers

Dion's IP Autos only - Red Sox over Brewers in 6 games 18 home runs.

Jeff S - Dodgers over Yankees 7 games, 11 HRs

Matt Prigge - Brewers over Astros 7 games 19 homers

C Erne33 - Astros over Dodgers 7 games 19 homers

Trevor P - Red Sox over Brewers in 6, 14 homers - PIMP

Brett Alan - Astros over Braves, 6 games, 12 home runs.

Greg Zakwin - Dodgers over Astros in 7 Games, 15 HRs

Defenders50 - Brewers over Indians in 6 games, 18 HR.

gregory - Red Sox over the Braves in 7 games, 12 HRs.

Robb - Brewers over Yankees in 6, 13 HR.

bbcardz -Dodgers over Red Sox in 7, 22 HR

Brandon - Dodgers over Astros in 6, 15 home runs

Wilson -Astros over Dodgers in 7, 13 HR - PIMP


  1. Woohoo! Those were two really great League Championship Series! Can't wait for the Series to start, I'm so excited. I think 2018's WS will be an all-time classic. Go Dodgers!

  2. This World Series has the potential to be one for the ages. East vs. West. Goliath vs. Goliath. Doesn't matter who wins... I just hope it goes 7 games.

  3. Sports Card Collector reminds me of the Price Is Right contestants that bid $1 more than the person next to them... ;)