Monday, January 14, 2019

9th Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web - Division Round Wrap Up

Well I'd say we had a great weekend of football, but most of those games were one sided and mostly finished in the first half.  Although the Saints - Eagles game sure did a 180.

We only lost 4 this round and most of the picks still have a viable Super Bowl match up.  Alright good luck everybody and thanks for playing.  I'll have another update after the Conference Championships.

John Sharp - Patriots over the Eagles, 50 points 5 FGs.

Greg Zakwin - Chargers over Rams, 55 points, 3 field goals

Brett Alan -Chiefs over Rams, 61 points, 4 FGs.

GCA - Patriots over Saints, 48 points, 4 FGs.

The Angels In Order - Rams over Pats, 63 points, 5 FG.

Adam KaningherJ - Chiefs over Saints, 44 points, 3 FGs

Fuji - Cowboys over Chiefs, 50 Points, 5 FGs

John Miller - Saints over Chiefs. 87 points, 1 field goal.

ketchupman36 - Pats over Saints, 64 points, 3 FGs

bbcardz - Rams over Patriots, 48 points, 4 field goals PIMP

Nachos Grande - Patriots over Saints, 55 points, 2 field goals

KMack - Saints over Patriots, 54 points, 4 FG's

Unknown - Chargers over the Cowboys 38 points, 1 field goal (who is this??)

Vrooomed - Chiefs over Rams, 65 points, 3 FGs.

Matt Stupienski - Saints over Patriots, 62 points, 3 FG's

CaptKirk42 - Rams over Chargers,  48 points 6 FGs

Jeff S - Rams over Chiefs - 61 pts - 4 FGs

PapaG321 - Chiefs over Saints , 59 points , 5 FG's

Trevor P - Saints over Chargers, 54 points, 4 FG

Jafronius - Patriots over Saints, 58 points, 5 FGs.

TSHenson - Rams over Chiefs, 103 points, 4 field goals

Sportzcommish - Cowboys over Brady, I mean, the Patsies, aka Patriots; 58 points; 3 FGs.

night owl - Saints beat the Pats. 66 points. 5 field goals.

Dion's IP Autos only - Chiefs over Rams 58 points 3 field goals


  1. Just for clarity...if you picked a team to win that's still alive (say Patriots), but theyd be playing a team that's been eliminated (say Eagles), you're still in the contest?

    1. Yes, you would still be technically in the contest, as I wanted was for you to predict the winner, but if you picked the Pats and as a first tie breaker picked the Eagles and someone else picked the Pats and the actual opponent they would win. Same goes for if more than one person picked the winner and the opponent we'd move to total points and if by chance they both pick the same number or more likely they both missed the total score by the same amount we'd move to total field goals, and if that wasn't enough to decide it I would randomly chose the winner using That being said as of right now there are only a couple picks that have a dead team as they picked opponent.