Monday, January 21, 2019

9th Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web - Conference Championship Break Down

Wow the Conference Championships did not disappoint.  Both games going to overtime!  And yes the Saints probably should have won. I was rooting for the Chiefs, mainly because when I don't have a horse in the race I usually root for the underdog.  But Brady is damn impressive and that was a fun game to watch.

So in honor of the two team that made it all the way I finally found some time to dig through the stacks and pull some cards for the prize pile.  Here is the stack the winner will receive, plus a stack of there favorite team.

A nice selection of Rams autos and relics, I've found a couple Gronk rookies to add to the pile and a sweet Vereen relic numbere to 499. Yes I know he's long gone.

For the door prize I found a sweet 2010 Drew Brees eTopps card #/799. Figured that was fitting seeing as the Saints pretty much got hosed by officiating. The door prize winner will also receive a stack of cards of their team.

Let's see who made it though to the big game.  We have two picks the correctly pick the match up, both of them predicted that the Rams would top the Patriots, nobody that picked the Patriots matched them up with the Rams, so if the Rams win it'll be between Angels in the Order and bbcardz, the the Patriots win we've got a big toss up.  Picks in Red are officially out, picks in Black are still officially in, but will be beat in the first tie-breaker, and those in green are the picks that still have a shot to win.  This might actually be the biggest pool of potential winners I've ever had heading into the Super Bowl. Should be fun.  Congrats to all that made it this far, and a big thank you for playing.  See you all after the Super Bowl with the official winners announcement.

John Sharp - Patriots over the Eagles, 50 points 5 FGs.

Brett Alan -Chiefs over Rams, 61 points, 4 FGs.

GCA - Patriots over Saints, 48 points, 4 FGs.

The Angels In Order - Rams over Pats, 63 points, 5 FG.

Adam KaningherJ - Chiefs over Saints, 44 points, 3 FGs

John Miller - Saints over Chiefs. 87 points, 1 field goal.

ketchupman36 - Pats over Saints, 64 points, 3 FGs

bbcardz - Rams over Patriots, 48 points, 4 field goals PIMP

Nachos Grande - Patriots over Saints, 55 points, 2 field goals

KMack - Saints over Patriots, 54 points, 4 FG's

Vrooomed - Chiefs over Rams, 65 points, 3 FGs.

Matt Stupienski - Saints over Patriots, 62 points, 3 FG's

CaptKirk42 - Rams over Chargers,  48 points 6 FGs

Jeff S - Rams over Chiefs - 61 pts - 4 FGs

PapaG321 - Chiefs over Saints , 59 points , 5 FG's

Trevor P - Saints over Chargers, 54 points, 4 FG

Jafronius - Patriots over Saints, 58 points, 5 FGs.

TSHenson - Rams over Chiefs, 103 points, 4 field goals

night owl - Saints beat the Pats. 66 points. 5 field goals.

Dion's IP Autos only - Chiefs over Rams 58 points 3 field goals


  1. Some crazy football yesterday, but glad my two teams are in it.

  2. Those were two incredibly great games! I'm so happy the Rams won and hope we get one more win on Feb. 3rd!

  3. That's interesting. A couple picks the Rams way, but nobody picked Patsies over Rams.

  4. My guy Tom Brady made it there again. I already feel like a winner... GOOD LUCK Everyone!