Saturday, January 4, 2020

10th Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web - Official Entries

Wow what a last minute surge.  Looks like we ended up with 30 entries this year.  I probably didn't state it very well in my original post, but this year I'm not going to try and find a general prize for the winner and door prize, instead I'm just going to put together a nice prize package that caters to the winners.  Since I don't know who's going to win I'm not sure what will be included but rest assured it'll be good.  The feedback I've gotten from past winners is that that part of the prize was the best. So instead of dumping a huge lot of Boomer Esiason cards someone, and if you want a huge lot of Esiason cards let me know, I'll gift the winner with a nice prize package that may include autos and relics, depends on what I have laying around.

As I'm writing this I just watched the Bills/Texans game finish in overtime and holy moly what a great game.  Let's hope the rest of the playoffs are as entertaining.  Ok here are the official entries, copied over directly from the official sign-up post.  I didn't see anyone mention that they promoted the contest, shame on you guys, but if you did and forgot to add a comment, add a comment to this post with a link to the post, tweet, mention, ect.

Offical Entries

Corky - Seahawks over Ravens, 51 points, 4 FGs.

Sportzcommish - Texans over Seahawks, 58 points, 3 FGs

sandyrusty - Ravens over Packers, 43 points, 5 FG

Sport Card Collectors - Ravens over Saints 58 points 3 FG

shanepatrickwrites - packers over ravens 51 points 3 fg's

Vrooomed - Ravens over Packers, 45 pts, 1 fg

John Sharp - Saints over Chiefs, 60 points, 2 FGs.

Fuji - 49ers over Ravens, 65 points, 3 field goals.

Brett Alan - Chiefs over Packers, 48 points, 2 FGs.

Dion's IP Autos only - Ravens over Saints 62 points 2 FG's

Elliptical Man - Chiefs over 49ers, 47 points, 4 FGs

CaptKirk42 - Ravens over 49ers 54 points 3 FGs

Bubba - Packers over Ravens, 49 points, 4 FGs

Adam Kaningher - 49ers over Patriots, 41 points, 2 FGs

Josh D - Ravens over 49ers. 48 pts, 2 fgs.

FiresNBeers - Ravens over Saints, 43 pts, 4 FGs

Brad Hill - Chiefs over Saints, 55 points, 2 FGs

JediJeff - Chiefs over 49ers, 45 points, 1 FG

GCA - Saints over Ravens, 38 points, 4 FG

Robert - Kansas City Chiefs over the New Orleans Saints 31-20, 1 FG.

Unknown - Buffalo over Vikings 37 TP 4 FG

KMack - Ravens over the Saints. 55 points, 2 FG's

Nachos Grande - Ravens over Saints, 54 points, 4 field goals

Trevor P - Chiefs over 49ers, 43 points, 5 FGs

Scribbled Ink - Ravens over 49ers, 56 points, 4 FGs

bbcardz - Kansas City Chiefs over the Green Bay Packers, 67 total points, 5 FG's

RAZ - Patriots over 49ers, 50 points, 5 FGs.

PapaG321 - Ravens over 49ers, 57 points, 4 FGs

unkilldoo - Ravens over Vikings - 62 Points - 4 Field Goals

Wilson - Patriots over 49ers, 48 points, 4 FGs

Good Luck everybody, I'll have an update after Sunday's games.  And thanks for playing.

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