Thursday, December 3, 2009

2008 Topps Allen and Ginter Box Break

So as promised for the one reader who I know is all excited about me doing a box break from a product over a year old. Here he go. I got the box off of eBay for about 50 bucks not too bad seeing as this was going for close to double that and according to Tuff Stuff boxes still are worth about 110.

Pretty uneventful pulls I got the 2 relics. A Johnny Damon Bat card and a Carlos Marmol Jersey. ho hum. Not bad cards just nothing specatcular.
I also got 2 black border mini's Oscar Wilde and Chin-Ling Hu (rookie). Two world leaders both asian oddly enough Lee Myung-Bak from South Korea and Samak Sundavaveh from Thailand and one Pinoneers of Flight the Ornithoper. And one code cards the world's greatest victories - Battle of Thermopylae. Yeah 300. That's about it. But I do love the base cards and I'm putting together a set so we'll see how far I get wether or not I break down and buy another box or just do pick lots off of eBay. I haven't looked to see if I got any SP's or not.

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