Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Football Box Break

Yeah Yeah Yeah this has been out a while but who cares when you live close to a thousand miles from the nearest card shop you take what you can get.

OK here's the break down got a box of 2009 Upper Deck Football Hobby.  It advertises 3 jersey and 1 auto per box, two 3D cards and 320 cards total per box.   I bought the box for  52 bucks with shipping off of ebay and got it about 3 week later.  They sent it Parcel Post and for a buck more they could have sent it priority??!!

Some sellers just don't get it I guess.  I was well packaged though and shipped 2 days after I paid so not too bad on that end. 

The regular cards look like this if you haven't seen them.

There what you call full bleed.  That means that they don't have any borders.  Upper Deck does this alot with there cards.  I'm middle of the road some of the cards look great especially the action shots, while some of the posed shots look kinda hooky.

Each pack also boasts 4 rookies.  They look like this.

These are also the 4 SP rookies I got.  Nice pull on the Stafford.  Not too shabby, plus I got 64 more rookies.  Some of the packs had 5 rookies in them and I don't remember any having under 4.  So way to go Upper Deck on that one.

I got two 3D cards as advertised.

There were rookie Aaron Curry and a Tom Brady/Randy Moss.
I like these cards and I like the rarity.  Although why bill it as 3D?  When there not.  I guess you can't say hey were using decades old technology to bring SportsFlics back. 3D just sounds cooler. 

I also got the 3 jersey cards.

Anquan Boldin, Game Jersey, Andre Caldwell, Game Day Gear, and Rhett Bomar, UD Rookie Jersey. 
Nothing super specactuar although the Boldin's a nice card.  Nothing numbered. 

But my big hit came with the auto.

A LeSean McCoy Premier Jersey Auto numbered 1/10!!
Pretty sweet.  According to the latest issue of Tuff Stuff it's aroundd 65 bucks!! Hell this card alone was worth the box.  Damn just wish I was an Eagles fan.

All in all I got a great return for my investment. Not counting all the rookies.  The 4 SP, plus the jerseys, plus the auto come to over 100 bucks of stuff. Of course I would have to get close to high book to realize any of that and that's just unrealistic.  Especially with the season winding down.  But it does put a big dent in completing my set.  This is probably going to have to be my set to build next yeat now that Topps is out of it.  I guess I could just go low ball and put together a Score set. 
Until next time.


  1. nice. I broke two boxes of this myself. Some good jersey cards... nothing like your McCoy though. Nice pull.

  2. I went the Score route in 2008 because the design was better than the big two. It's a nice set with some cool inserts and everything, but it's massive. Might have been easier if I hadn't gone strictly retail jumbo packs and trades so far....