Saturday, December 19, 2009

2009 Red Hot Rookie Redemptions Come In !!!!!

Well it only takes about 9 months for Topps to fufill there redemptions and this time it's still no different but I have to say I'm super pleased with what I got. Series 1 had WBC redemptions and of the 3 I pulled they were all the SAME!! Lame. But in Series 2 I pulled 3 different redemptions 2, 3, and 6. At first I played with trying to sell them on ebay even before they were announced. Seems a lot of the time people will pay more not knowing what they might get. And I always get tired of waiting for the cards to come. But after Topps announced that #2 would be Gordon Beckham and that 1 in 10 would be an auto variant I had to redeem and boy am I Glad I did. Because here is what I got by certified mail today!!! I live in Alaska so I know that others had already gotten there's and gone live on ebay. This card is already being bid up to over 100 buck and the cheapest buy it now was 149, with others asking as much as 250!! crazy. I think I might have to hold onto this one. Plus I also got my other 2 redemptions a couple of days ago. One Andrew McCutchen and Neftali Feliz. Check them out pretty sweet.

I'm still waiting for my 1 of 1 sketch card I redeemed in March and Topps sent out an email telling me that they got the cards in and they should be sending them out soon. Only to look online to see that they have been delayed again!! Ah Topps, at least your not Donruss only took a year to get my last redemption from them. Maybe Panini will do a better job or just do away with redemtions all together.

You know I actually like the fact that Topps did a Auto Variant again this year. It might even be nice if they did a relic variant too, maybe numbered, as well, that would be really sweet.

Well I should be getting a box of 2009 Upper Deck football soon in the mail and I'll do a box break when I get it in. Until then keep collecting.

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