Thursday, February 11, 2010

Custom Cards and Through the Mail TTM

So I'm sitting here in BFE Alaska watching all 5 seasons of Lost.  I'm addicted and so far I'm so much more pleased then I was with Heroes.  At least this series gets better each season. 

Damn I'm rambling again.  OK so the reason for the post.  I've been cuising the blogs looking at a lot of Through the mail success and custom cards people are putting out and my question or questions I should say are these.  For the TTM people are there any how to's out there?

I saw the one post at Badwax.  Second when sending a card to you protect it in a top loader at all or just loose so it's easier to sign? 

And for the custom card makers.

Are there any how to's out there for this?  Second, what programs do you use?  What card stock and where do you get your card stock? 

I bored and fairly artistically talented.  Thought I'd try something new.  So any help from you guys would be great and I figure maybe a few other would be custom card makers and TTM'ers might benefit from your knowledge. 

Go Kazakhstan! 

mmmm Crack.

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  1. When you start mailing cards out to get signed, you've got to stop worrying about little corner dings.

    I've seen older players sign the top loader instead of the card, and I've seen the results of top loaders getting caught in the post office's sorting machines.

    I just put the cards in the envelope and hope for the best - 99% of the time, they look ok when they come back.