Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tales from the Mojo Beard

I was purusing the Sports Card Blogroll.  If you like the hobby of card collecting and sports in general you really should bookmark the site.  JayBee has collected 279 blogs from the ether on all sorts of topics.  Everything from player and team centered sites to specific year set blogs to information oriented blogs and of course rants about the hobby and industry.  He's got the big boys like the Upper Deck and Beckett blogs, as well as, well me. 

Anywho I'm gettin goff topic as usual.  I like ready Beardy's baseball blog.  He's an Orioles fan.  Which I can respect. Baltimore has a long great sports history.  Plus the Orioles can trace there origins back to the original Milwaukee Brewers of 1901.  And who doesn't love Cal "Ironman" Ripken Jr? 

Stay on target!! Well I see in his latest post.  That Beardy and the Mojo Hand have combined forces to form The Mojo Beard.or Moho and Beardy's Fantastic Card Blog and already they have some great posts.  My favorite so far is the Upper Deck Conspiracy.  It's nice to see the Mojo back at the keyboard after he walked away from the Moho Hand blog earlier this year.  Both these guys are very active traders and have links on the new site to what they collect and their wantlists.   I highly recommend all their sites.
So keep up the good work boys.

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