Sunday, January 31, 2010

2008 Donruss GridIron Gear Goodies

So last week I posted the hot pack of 2009 Gridiron Gear I got for cheap off of Ebay.  Not very exciting at all.  I guess I have a soft spot in my heart for Gridiron Gear though.  Last year or now I have to say 2008 I bought a box and then some of Gridiron gear hoping to hit something nice.  Looking at this years stuff it's very similar to last year in relic and auto designs.  I really liked the on jersey pull out autos.  Here's what I got last year from buying Gridiron Gear.
I got my rookies numbered to 250, and other numbered parallel and inserts.  I won't post all that.  I have to say you get quite a bit in a box but here are the main goodies. 
Jamall Charles Rookie Jumbo Jersey numbered to 50.

Next we have a dual relic, what looks like maybe some piece of  pants and football. This is also numbered to 50.

Now the 2 big hits.

Andre Caldwell Rookie Triple Relic Auto.  Also numbered to 50.  I remember pulling this one it was pretty sweet I just wish I was a Bengals fan or that Andre signed better and yep it's a sticker auto.

And finally....

It's a Jerome Simpson Rookie on Pull out on Jersey Auto!! But is off Jerome Simpson.  :( 
Who last year had one catch for 2 yards and guess how many this year?? anybody??
Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Still a cool card.

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