Saturday, January 16, 2010

One bad egg, One rotten apple

So I'm sitting here stewing.  Yep it's a rant, so get ready.  I've been using ebay since about 2002.  I consider myself pretty savy as an internet auction buyer.  I've sold my fair share too.  I know what fair shipping is and what to expect for packaging ect.  I try only to buy from people with over 100 positive feedbacks and if it's a big ticket item I'll go in and check feedback and star rating ect.  This is because I have been burned a few times ordering boxes.  Both time from sellers with over 500 positive feedbacks that all of sudden decide to close shop.  And that is one reason I like paypal.  Cause I got my money back, but it still sucks having to go through it. 

Now what's worse a seller that totally screws you or a seller that is incompetant when selling it blows your mind.  Ok Ok I'm getting to my point.
On Nov 24 I won an auction for a pick lot of 50 2009 Upper Deck baseball cards.  The seller had both series 1 and 2 to choose from but since i'm close to getting series 1 done I figured I'd take a nice chunk out of series 2.  I paid the same day I won and sent my list of cards to the seller.  They sent me an email back to clairify some issues and done and done, right?  I figured cool should get these cards before the first.  Well waited 3 weeks nothing and just as I was about to email the seller they marked it as shipping on Dec 14.  Almost 3 weeks to the day.  I figure cool maybe I'll get the cards before Christmas.  Nope Christmas comes and goes and then New Years.  Damn well now I'm a little pissed.  I paid for first class postage and even living in bumblefuck Alaska mail gets here faster than that.  So I pop off and email asking when and how the package was sent.  I get an email back 3 days later with and I quote "hi u should have got it by now hope it didt get lost in the mail "  Direct copy and paste from the email there.  anyways on Jan 14 I get a package in the mail.  It's my cards.  But what's this the post mark says Jan 2.  Over 2 weeks from the time it was marked as shipping.  The only thing that saved this seller from negative feedback was the cards were in great shape and all there.  I really wanted to pop another email off to them and tell them how pissed I was about having to wait almost 2 months to get my purchase, but I didn't I just wanted to be done with them, So I marked them as not to busness with again and left neutral feedback and a timeline of how slow they were.  Still haven't heard back from them and I better not or they will get a piece of my mind. 

I don't know it just floors me sometimes.  As a seller I always try to get the package out the next day after I get paid and always ship in a bubble mailer, top loaders ect. 

On a lighter note, I've decided like so many other bloggers out there to give a try.  So far I'm getting a nice selection in my cart but i'm not overly pleased with the shipping break down.  It just seems steep. Especially if your buying cheap cards and a lot of the. 

Anyways,  I'm working on a little side project right now about the history of modern trading card companies.  It's kinda like a family tree of who owns what and were it came from.  If anybody knows some good websites please pass them along.  I've found a ton of stuff and believe it or not it's a pretty convoluted and incestuous topic.  But I'm not done yet so that will be for another time.  

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR  I remain the cynical one.

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  1. Very frustrating.

    I have been having a hard time on Ebay lately. Sellers failing to send or packaging in a lazy way as if condition isn't relevant in this hobby.

    The good news is sellers have corrected the problems at levels above my expectations.

    So it's been a weird few months.