Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is Upper Deck done? Another day of WHY?

Now this got me.  Matt F. over at Heartbreaking Cards posted a link to the NY Post. Which is an article about the whole Upper Deck Yu-Gi-oH debacle.  The thing I got out of it was that this might take Upper Deck down.  I mean no more, kaput, gone, bye-bye, Auf Wiedersien, Ciao. 

I guess it all makes sense now why there are no preview pictures up at Upper Deck's website, and absoluly no news about this at all there either, although I guess that's not that surprising.  But what's going to happen to Upper Decks NFL and NHL licenses??? Will Panini or Topps come and scoop up the carcass up after UD has to pay millions to Kanomi or will some other company emerge? 

My other question is WHY?  Why on God's green earth did Upper Deck do it?  I'm confused as to the motivation and what was to gain from this?

Another question is if this goes to Upper Deck's credibility, what of all there "authentic" game used cards and autos??  Can we still trust an Upper Deck Guarantee?    mmmmmm.  I've seen card companies come and go and get swallowed up by other companies but this is the first time I can remember a card company shooting themselves in the head. 

I wonder how this will all play out.


  1. If Upper Deck goes out of business, I would think that the NFL and NHL would be able to sell the license to whoever was interested... or maybe they'd try to handle the card manufacturing business themselves.

    It's probably not worth speculating about yet.

  2. We can trust that all the Jersey cards they sell come from J C Penny. I always thought it was called Upper Deck UnAuthentic