Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh, how the mighty have fallen or How to get Barry on the cheap

I was browsing ebay the otherday.  Love'em or hate'em it's still the largest marketplace for used stuff on the web.  And I thought for some reason what I could get a 86 Topps Traded Barry Bonds rookie for.  Now I did my basic homework.  I looked up the guide price, about 20 bucks,  looked on the sportslizard, too much variation with graded cards to be useful. I was not looking for a graded card.  So I looked around ebay and found a seller that had not one but 2 Barry rookies up for auction.  Both starting at 89 cents.  And like all good ebayers I bid on both to take advantage of the combine shipping.  Right at the end I had one of the rookies bid up over my maximium bid but I still got the other card for a whole 89 cents plus shipping.  And 2 weeks later

Add Barry to the collection.  I wonder if I knocked him down a few bucks in the guides.  The card is great not mint I can see one corner is a little less sharp than the rest but overall well worth the 89 cents and shipping. 

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