Monday, January 11, 2010

Not gonna do it.

Seems lately the talk around town is about collection goals, Topps Chicle, and Trading.  And me I'm not going to talk about any of those.  Alright I will, but it will be brief.  My collecting goals this year remain the same as last year,  Topps Chicle don't care, and trading I'd love to get into it but seeing as my collection is spread out in 3 different locals right now over about 5000 miles, that's right, I'm just not organized enough with my collections or cards to try and work some trades.  But I do love the fact that a vast number of bloggers out there trade.  After all they are called Trading Cards. 

As I ponder possibly leaving my isolated utopia, and gaze out the window at this

If you can't tell that's a lot of snow, even for Alaska.  And for those that don't know where Haines is here's a nice map with ferry's on it.

Right in the armpit of Alaska.  I tried getting the city counsil to use that as there slogan but they rejected it. 

Anyways, so as i ponder leaving this little burg for a job in Anchorage and the possiblities of being in a town with a card shop, movie theaters, and bowling alleys, I just want to thank  all the great bloggers out there that have been keeping me up to date about the hobby.  Keep it up.

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  1. How could they reject that as a slogan? Do THEY have something better? Seeing all of that snow warms me up a bit, but I can't imagine being any colder (30 Faran) than I am right now...