Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To Redeem or not to Redeem is it a Stupid Question??

So we all seem to have gotten our Topps redemptions last month and I'm sure we're all happy we did, finally.  I got lucky with Series 2 pulling a Gordon Beckham Auto Variant among others and not so lucky with series 1 where I pulled 3 of the same WBC redemptions.  But in Series 1 I also pulled a sketch card redemption and guess what I just looked on Topps redemption website and found that they listed my sketch card as shipped and certified mail no less, joy. I'll post it when I get it.  I wonder who it could be?  Only took 8 months.  Jeez.  At that rate half the subjects might be retired already.  

Which brings me to my question of the moment.  Is it better to redeem or sell it and let it be someone elses headache.  Now I have to say that at least Topps tell you it's going to be a long time.  I had a Donruss GridIron Gear redemption from last year I finally got in July.  Eric Ainke.   Who is he still even playing?  Not really. 

Truth be told I got lucky pulling a #2 redemption which turned out to be Beckham and also turned out to be a 1/10 auto variant,  but most of the time redemptions hit ebay long before Topps even announces who it will be for.  A little like Russian Roulette if your buying.  I don't know.  Redeeming the cards is easy enough online through all the companies websites.  But like so many other bloggers out there why even have them?
Seems like another added expense for the card companies that they probably don't need. 

I'm still torn.  Looking back at what some of the redemption cards went for on ebay and what your likely to get if you redeem and try to sell the card it almost seems better to sell the redemption card.  There are a few exceptions of course the Beckham Auto is going for over 100 bucks a pop right now.

I could see if Topps did more gimmicks like the auto variants or relic variants or even relic auto variants it would definatley be worth keeping the cards and redeeming yourself. 

Well enough venting.

And to leave you with this, Is Upper Deck looking for card designers because if this is the shit that they think we want they need to have there heads removed from there asses. 

Worst Inserts EVER!

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