Saturday, January 23, 2010

2009 Donruss GridIron Gear Hot Pack

Yep I did it.  I was curious I see these hot packs all over ebay.  And I know how the blogging world hates box searchers and hot packers, but I wanted to see, and to be honest I got the pack super cheap. $3.99 plus shipping so about 7 bucks total.

It was a pack of 2009 Donruss GridIron Gear.  I really liked last years product.  The hits were pretty awesome.  On  card, on Jersey autos that pull out, 4 relic autos, ect. 

I'm not sure if this is a retail pack or hobby.  I know Topps puts a hobby logo on there hobby stuff but I couldn't remember if Donruss(Panini) does it too.  I know the hot packs from Upper Decks retail blasters are seperate from the other packs, so it's possible that this isn't even a box searched pack. 
But I digress.  I actually bought this pack on Dec 14 only got here today.  And the post mark says Jan 20th. 
Grrrrrrrrr.  He got positive feedback only because it was exactly as described. 

Anywho here are the 5 base cards I got in it.

Tony Romo, Josh Morgan, Laurence Maroney, Marques Colston, and Carson Palmer.

And here was the hit.

Roy Williams Player Timelines Jersey.  Can't even tell if it's a Lions or Cowboys Jersey piece, It's numbered to 250.

Not terrible but certainly not great I'm almost inclined to believe this is from a retail box only because the hit was so lame, like Upper Deck Blaster box hits.  I've learned my lesson.  No more hot packs for me and certainlty not from this seller. 
Oh and I love the fact that it says ages 9+ right at the top of the package.

Also did my first order from since it's been the rave of the blogosphere as of late.  I have to say there is a nice selection on the site but the shipping layout almost favors getting some higher priced cards instead of fillling need lists or filling in player collections.  I'll post what I get when I get it.
Until next time.


  1. I am not sure what the deal is that Panini puts the ages 9+ on its packaging. Why are they drawing the line at 9.

  2. I love the Romo!

    and it's a Lions jersey...