Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I wonder

Well hell, Iguess i'm going to have put my 2 cents in the ring about the whole Mark McGwire thing. 

Actually is anyone surprised he did steroids?? Anyone?  I didn't think so.  Looks like Canseco was telling the truth. 

So first, I have to ask why?  Not why he did the roids but why now after so long admit it?  Does anybody know?  I haven't delved too deep to find out if there was a reason but one has to wonder.  Is it cause he didn't make it into the Hall on his first try,  was he being blackmailed and was forced to do it, was it part of the stipulations of his new employment?  I guess I've been watching too many episodes of Monk.

Surprisingly a couple searchs on ebay show that McGwires cards are still selling at least for now.  I gotta wonder how many people who bid on his rookie cards 4 days ago are kicking themselves now.  

As posted earlier I got a Barry Bonds Topps Traded rookie for under a dollar, My goal now is to do the same for the 85 topps rookie of McGwire, I bet I can do it in under a month.  And then I'm going to start my
Roid Boy hall of fame.  All those players that set records while using.  Hello Mr. Sosa, Mr. Clemens and Mr. Palmerio I'm looking at you.  I'm sure I'll be able to find those rookies in the quarter bin soon enough.  Any other suggestions on who should be in the HOR?  And it's still snowing here.  got another foot last night.  Joy.

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  1. I tend to be pretty cynical. I would have to include IRod, Jeff Kent, Jay Bell, Juan Gonzalez, Piazza, Luis Gonzalez, Todd Hundley, Javy Lopez...and I am just getting started, but I'll spare everyone my rant.