Thursday, January 7, 2010


First off I want to thank JB over at Sports Card Blogroll for adding this and my other blogs.  Now I might get a few more readers which would be nice. 

I have to say when I put up my first post in October, I didn't realize what a huge community of card bloggers there were out there.  I had been invited to join my friends blog, his own personal rambings and thought I'd like to do a blog myself, but about what.  And of course collecting is what I wanted to do.  I figured I'd be able to rant if I needed too and I'd get to post stuff from my collection, ect.  I have to say I do love the box break posts.  Being in the middle of nowhere Alaska I have to order everything I don't have the luxury of popping down to my local card store and getting a pack of the new stuff to see if I like it.  So online box breaks let me see what cards look like and what kinda hits you might get.  So I guess I'm starting this post off as a thank you to all the great card bloggers out there.  Keep it up.  Even more surprising to me is how many of the good guys are Canadian and they don't just blog about hockey.

Now onto the meat?  I just want to show off some cool oddballs from the 70's.  I love oddballs, especially as a player collector.  I especially love getting cheap oddalls.

 MSA put out a ton of sports discs in the mid to late 70's most people are pretty familiar with the baseball discs.  They were give aways at restraunts, hotels, ect.  Pepsi had some of the best with there discs coming in Baseball gloves  that looked like this.

It's not to hard to find this discs still in the glove and in relatively good shape.  I picked up a full set of the baseball still in their gloves a few years ago for about 20 bucks. 

Pepsi also put out a football set.  I just picked up 24 for a buck still in there footballs a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure of the distribution of these but since it heavy Bengals and Steelers I'm assuming it's probably mostly east coast and central.  I'm sure someone can comment on that.  Here are a few of the scans of what I got.

The set itself is pretty lame with the players in it here look at the checklist up close.

I recognize a few names but really no superstars here.  Cranes potato chips put out a set around the same time and at least they've got some stars like Bradshaw and Starbach.
Now check out the checklist from the Baseball set.

Robin Yount, Reggie Jackson, Nolan Ryan, Stargell, Schmidt, Munson, and More and the cool thing is Reggie Jackson and Mike Schmidt all have variations in the set. 

Well there you go another oddball to the collections.  Now where is my Duracell Battery Cards????
Until next time.


  1. I love reading about odd balls. It brings back so many memories of stuff you'd long forgotten about, but remember all the same once you see it again!

  2. I honestly only clicked on your blog cuz your name made me laugh, but as a kid I ate some food I really didn't like and begged my parents for anything that came with free cards...I do love the oddball! If Duracell had/has a line of cards, I'm collecting it!

  3. I agree.I'm always looking for odd Tribe stuff! I'll have to put some on my Trading Post. Good luck with your blog ! I found it through your comment to "A Rookie Baseball Card Collector". Good answer.