Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love me them oddballs!!

I'm an oddball lover there's no doubt about that.  Food issues, irregular sizes, pins, coins, bottle caps, you name it I've probably got at least one.  But what I didn't have any of is any 1970 Milton Bradley Baseball Game cards.  And to be honest there was only one I wanted to get. 
A second year Reggie Jackson card.  The seller wasn't lying abou the condition it looks unused.  As part of a game I'm sure a lot of these cards were well handled and well used. 

Here's what the backs look like.

I found this surfing online it's the box the cards came in.

I found a bunch of info on the game at KeyMan Collectibles website.
There are 28 players all told.  Pretty much an All-Star lineup.

Well until I find something else to blog about.