Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jackson, Reggie Jackson, Sterling if you like it....

I've been picking up a few 2010 Sterling cards here and there.  I'm bummed that Topps didn't give Rollie his own base this year but he at least has one nice relic auto book in the set.  I've seen 2 so far on ebay #'d to 10 and missed both of them. Mainly because I'm too cheap.  But when I get bored I look around for good deals and ended up picking this Reggie #'d to 50 up for cheap.  Reggie actually has 3 cards in the set one of the A's, Yankees, and Angels, but no Baltimore card. 

I'm pretty sure this is the mystery card in the Sterling box.  I could be wrong but I was led to believe that all the base cards in the box are #d to 250. 

I think I like this card best out of his 3.  Kinda like the Alpha and the Omega, since he started with the A's and ended with them.  I've watched a fair number of video box breaks on this year's Sterling and I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with what I've seen.  I've seen boxes that didn't have any autos.  I mean if I'm going to pay $250 a pop for one pack of cards, which I'm not,  there better be a damn auto in there plus they're sticker autos to boot.  Not only that but have you noticed that sometimes they use one swatch and make it look like two or three different pieces of jersey by covering it with their goofy cut outs?

I'm looking forward to seeing what's going to come out of Panini's P and P and  Topps 5 Star.  Two more products I won't be buying a pack of but I probably will be buying singles off of the bay.  The previews look nice although they kinda look similar.

cb out.

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