Monday, March 14, 2011

Crazy? Yep pretty Crazy!!!

So last week just for fun, amid all the crazy BS that was going on in the world with Charlie Sheen and Libya and the on going craziness with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, I thought I'd throw up a poll on the side bar and see if anyone noticed.  Well 10 of you did and I never drew attention to it or advertised it in anyway and the general consensus is that Sarah Palin is the craziest.

Out of the four the only one I've personally met.  I even got her autograph.  You know she's very short and polite in person.  At least she was this was quite a few years ago.  After she and McCain lost the election but before she quite as Governor. 

Coming in a close second was Charlie Sheen.

I'm sure this unemployed guy is eating this up.  Why is it that we can't get enough of this guy?  Well to be truthful I had enough of him after Men at Work, but that's just me.  Where's Emilio?  EMiliooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  (A Night at the Roxbury anyone?)

Glenn Beck got just one vote, but still pretty crazy.

Look into those eyes and tell me he doesn't sleep in an aluminium hat to keep the mind rays out.

And no one voted for Muammar.

Crazy?  Quite possibly.  Evil?  Most definitely.  Loves buxom blond nurses?  Oh Yeah!!!

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  1. That might have gotten him some love. Who doesn't like buxom blond nurses?